Tiffany M. Skidmore

composer / professional vocalist



Fugue I solo piano


Prelude II solo piano


Fugue II solo piano


Inventions I-XI a collection of piano miniatures


Duet clarinet and soprano saxophone


Fugue II in Four Voices solo piano


Ritual seven singing bowls


Possibility and Probability seven singing bowls with piano


Depth seven singing bowls with string quartet and piano


Bud Herseth trumpet with piano


Portraits of Anton Stadler basset clarinet with piano


Yeast solo double bass with projection


Méditations seven singing bowls with string trio


Für Sie Ist Der Krieg Aus   musique concréte with film


Tanzen for Duo Gelland violin duo


Gridlock soprano with live and pre-recorded electronics


Initio for Lux string quartet


64 for Duo Gelland violin duo


Membrane for Bill Solomon timpani with cymbals


Without Solution of Continuity soprano with pre-recorded


Drömbokken for Ensemble Dal Niente soprano, oboe,
horn in F, harp, and viola text from Emmanuel
Swedenborg’s Dream Journal


The Book of Urizen   for Jeffery Kyle Hutchins and
Nanyi Neil Qiang alto Saxophone with piano


The Night of Enitharmon's Joy for Without Fear of Wind or Vertigo
flutebass clarinetelectronics


Drömbokken II for the Strains New Music Ensembleflute,
sopranino saxophone tenor saxophone violoncello violin
text from Emmanuel Swedenborg's Dream Journal


cistern . anechoic . sonolucent for Duo Gellandviolin duo


Till We Have Faces   opera in three acts adapted from C.S.
Lewis's book of the same title


Leaves That Talk poem by Anne Sexton soprano with piano
soprano, flute, viola, and harp soprano, flute, viola, harp, and
pre-recorded electronics


Windsong poem by Walter Skidmore baritone with piano


Answer text by Mark Sweeney soprano with piano


Lida text by Patrick Gallagher SATB


Vigilante   text by Kate Tarker baritone with piano


Cistern art installation in collaboration with Steven Crane, Peter Stauduhar, and Julie Kirihara


The Vetruvian Ramlet in collaboration with Andrew Gaylord
for baritone, two sopranos, and piano


Theme and Variations marimba and wind ensemble




Panorama orchestra with percussion ensemble


O rubor sanguinis poem by Hildegard Von Bingen   SATB


O nobilissima viriditas poem by Hildegard von Bingen   SATB


O virtus sapientiae   poem by Hildegard von Bingen   SATB


Blessed   cantor, SB, classical guitar, and piano


Winter Dusk   poem by Sarah Teasdale   SATB with celesta


It’s All I Have to Bring Today poem by Emily Dickinson   SSAA,
flute, and piano SATB, flute and piano


Regret poem by Emma Lazarus   SATB


Tract TTBB with tubular bells


Offertory TTBB with trumpet and tubular bells


Communion TT with two trumpets


Pie Jesu   TTBB with tubular bells


Libera Me TTBB


In Paradisum   TTBB


Postlude   tubular bells


Oflag Requiem  TTBB with tubular bells and vibraphone


Introit TTBB, tubular bells, and vibraphone


Kyrie TTBB


Gradual TTBB


Sequence SST with two trumpets and euphonium


Sanctus and Benedictus     STTBB with two trumpets, tubular bells,
and vibraphone


Agnus Dei TTBB with tubular bells